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Below are some areas that can help you audit your content marketing strategy to make it better:

Audience Research and Evaluation: First of all, you need to find your target audience. You need to understand their nature of interest and demand. Observe them deeply and find out the content types that they are appealing for.

Content Strategy: After you have decided your target audience and channels, it’s time create content by analyzing and observing the target. Create content that can easily capture their attention. It is only possible when you provide the content your audience is looking for.

Content Optimization: Your content should be optimized for both readers and search engines. Apply best SEO strategies that can help you to rank better in search results.

Paid Advertising Audit

Paid advertisement is a way to sell your products or services inorganically at a faster way. Although, it’s a faster way to make sales but, it requires a heavy budget. And if you don’t have a proper paid advertising audit strategy, it can easily burn your money without bringing anything in return.

When we talk about online advertisement, most businesses invest their budget into Google AdWords. You need to be very creative and smart while bidding. Your cost should be low and you should stay away from costly bidding wars with competitors.

Below are some checks on paid advertisement to make it lucrative:

Keywords Analysis: There should be a proper keywords analysis before targeting. Make sure that you are targeting proper keywords. Are you targeting potential related and long-tail keywords? Are you filtering out negative keywords? Also, you need to check what keywords your competitors are targeting It can help you find further opportunities for keywords to target as well.

Targeting Analysis: Targeting should be your most focused area. There are multiple targeting options like Geographic regions, demographics and device type. These are all crucial factors for a successful AdWords campaign. Below are some essential checks in target analysis:

  • You need to check which regions and devices are converting at the highest rate. Also try to find the cities that can bring the best ROI. Once you find the most converting regions, devices and cities that work for you, set up new campaigns by allocating maximum budget against them for a better ROI.
  • Also find the best time of day during which your ad gets highest clicks and conversion. Once you find that time, simply activate your ads during that time and save your cost at other times. Also, you can set up separate campaigns by allocating max budget to get maximum clicks/conversions.

Quality Score: Ad relevancy is one of the most important factors for a successful AdWords campaign. Ad’s quality score indicates how relevant your ad for AdWords system is. Google calculates quality score through ad’s CTR and the copy of ad and the landing page. Quality score directly impacts your Cost Per Click (CPC) and ad’s ranking in Google, so you should make it the most important factor to focus on.

It is very hard to find the exact metrics that Google considers to calculate your ad score but a known metric is your ad’s CPC. Also, below are some tricks that you can use to better optimize your ads:

  • Use targeted main keyword in your ad headline. It will increase your ad’s relevancy and conversion.
  • URL should be short and relevant and should include your target keyword in it. You can skip Http/s and www to get more space for your keyword.
  • Write a catchy description to attract and persuade more people.
  • Add clear call to action to get a higher CTR.
  • Benefits like Free Delivery, Discount, Warranty etc. should be clear in you ad.

Ad Optimization: You should optimize your ad by performing A/B split tests. You need to test your ad by changing your headlines and description. A little change can help you get better clinks and higher conversion. Perform multiple A/B test with your ads and find the best ad that convert well and allocate your budget for that ad to get maximum ROI.

Landing Page Optimization: It’s not enough to just optimize your ads. You should also optimize your landing page. It is possible that user can bounce back after visiting your landing page due to poor design, text, and irrelevancy etc. So, it is also necessary to optimize your landing page using best practices. Below are some tips to optimize your landing page:

  • Your page should be relevant to your ad. If you don’t have a relevant page for your ad, create new one. It will help you to improve both, conversion rate and quality score.
  • Your landing page copy should be relevant and clear to users that are landing from your ad. They should feel that they are at the right place.
  • Landing page copy should be to the point and clear. Avoid adding unnecessary information on your landing page to avoid confusing your visitors.
  • A clear call to action should be there on your landing page, so that the visitors can easily buy products and services that you are offering.

With 2017, it’s time to update your digital marketing strategy for the New Year to make your business more lucrative, effective and align to your business goals. If you apply these pro tips to audit your digital marketing strategy, your new year will be off to a great start!

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    Kathy Brown
    Kathy Brown
    20:18 29 May 20
    I needed a website and did not know anything about the process - Chris was great at explaining things and answering my... questions. I love the website he created for me! I am looking forward to continuing to work with Chris.read more
    Deb Watkins
    Deb Watkins
    19:29 23 May 20
    This was our first project with FosDog and it's been a great experience. I was nervous about doing all the "work"... associated with a new webpage but Chris was very supportive and it was so much easier than I ever imagined. Throughout the process he was professional, listened to my concerns and created a terrific product. We love the new site - it is just terrific and I hope to be working with FosDog on future projects.read more
    Patti Kommel
    Patti Kommel
    01:09 15 May 20
    FosDog has developed my website for the last few years, periodically checking in and updating when needed. Monitors my... systems for me and always helps it look great—the pay feature that he added with my credit card processing company has been fabulous especially in this new world. Thanks FosDog for making me always look great.read more
    Lee Fiema
    Lee Fiema
    00:39 15 May 20
    Working with FosDog has always been a great experience with my company, Aquarium Shine.  Chris recognizes our marketing... strategies to outline those ideas with the website and social media sites he facilitates for us.  This company is an excellent source for design thinking than creating thoughts for our potential clients to see.  Thanks, Chris for the many years of work done for us!read more
    Aja Botanicals
    Aja Botanicals
    16:45 14 May 20
    Chris did a fantastic job setting up our ECommerce website. He’s continued to help with updates and management. He is... always available to answer my questions and provides an excellent service at a fair price. If you need a new website or just a refresh of an existing site Fosdog is your best choice.read more
    Ryan Dixon
    Ryan Dixon
    13:47 14 May 20
    Chris has been dealing with my website for a 3 years now. It has been a great experience and having a professional... website is so important for being a validated professional in the trades industry. Thank you so much for your quick response time and great service Chris.read more
    Local Services
    Local Services
    15:13 16 Oct 19
    So happy to have found Chris. Really responsive and easy to work with. Did a great job on our website needs and made... the process simple and easy. His sense of urgency to projects is top notch and he makes it feel like your working with family. Strongly recommend do yourself a favor and call Fosdog.read more
    Anthony Provenzola
    Anthony Provenzola
    11:14 03 Aug 19
    Good food and a cool setting
    Bryon Scott
    Bryon Scott
    14:54 01 Apr 19
    As a social media service provider, it's essential to have a go-to website company to refer our clients to. Fosdog... marketing is just that company! Quality clean WordPress based websites available at a great price with a short turn-around. Trust Fosdog!read more
    Bryon Scott
    Bryon Scott
    14:52 01 Apr 19
    Fosdog is our go-to website builder! With a fantastic knowledge of WordPress, Fosdog is able to make clean, modern and... most importantly mobile-friendly websites at a fair price with a very quick turn-around.read more
    Corbin Bell
    Corbin Bell
    12:10 28 Mar 19
    FosDog is great! Nice, clean interactive WordPress sites. Easy to work with and has great support!
    Joanne Giardini-Russell
    Joanne Giardini-Russell
    21:30 06 Mar 19
    FosDog has been handling our website (that he created) since opening day for us. We get client feedback often about the... looks of and the ease in using our site. When I need a tweak? He's got it down. Thanks for making our busy world easy for us and our clients, FosDog :)read more
    Maria Sorrentino
    Maria Sorrentino
    21:13 12 Mar 18
    Chris is awesome! We needed a new site all from scratch, he exceeded our expectations. We love to show off our new... website. Chris is very easy to work with, we can make changes and add things easily. We couldn't be happier!read more
    Michael Sher
    Michael Sher
    13:28 25 Oct 17
    I've worked with Chris Foster for over 2 1/2 years. He is responsive, honest, creative and hard working. He is never... afraid to take on a challenging project and will bring in additional talent if need to be to deliver a great product. Thanks Chris! Mike Sher, Max Broock Realtorsread more
    Fred Dawson
    Fred Dawson
    21:04 27 Jul 17
    Mr. Foster did a great job on my website. He took the time to really understand my business so that he could build me... a better and more tailored website. It's very professional and works great even on my customer's smart phones.read more
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